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Ethan’s story

Boston patient inspired to give back set to compete in Maine Shrine Lobster Bowl Football Classic

Ethan’s story
collage: Ethan with his father, Ethan playing football, Ethan weldingShriners Hospitals for Children patient Ethan is not your typical 17-year-old. A recent graduate of Ellsworth High School in Maine, Ethan spent his high school years focused on his three passions: football, fishing and welding. Having played football since fourth grade, Ethan made his mark as an offensive lineman and defensive end for his high school team, the Ellsworth Eagles. Each day after putting it all on the field at practice, Ethan would head to the water. Determined to earn his commercial fishing license, Ethan spent over 1,000 hours out on the ocean and achieved this feat at the young age of 16. Ethan is now captain of his own commercial lobster boat, Raizing Kane. An industrious young man, he sells lobsters to the local fish markets and saves the money for college, which is right around the corner.

Ethan will foster his next passion, welding, at Eastern Maine Community College this fall. Having discovered this vocation at the Hancock County Technical Center in his junior year, Ethan quickly immersed himself in mastering this talent. By the time of his graduation last month he had received seven national certifications, been named to the National Technical Honor Society and attained the highest level of proficiency of any student who has ever attended this program.

It was welding, however, that lead Ethan to his stay as a patient at the Boston Shriners Hospital. In February of 2018, as Ethan was taking his final welding certification, he sustained a third degree burn when a piece of scorching metal fell on his arm, burning through his protective equipment. Knowing the injury would need specialized burn care, emergency room doctors at Eastern Maine Medical Center quickly referred Ethan to Shriners Hospitals for Children — Boston. Ethan’s father, Patrick, an Anah Shriner, never imagined he would need to bring his son for care to the hospital supported by the fraternity that he has been a part of for over 28 years.
Once at the Boston Shriners Hospital, Ethan received incredible care. His experience developed a new passion: sharing the mission of Shriners Hospitals for Children and telling everyone he can about the amazing care and outcomes for patients. No stranger to hospitals (having broken his arm four separate times playing football), Ethan describes the hospital as different from any place he has ever known. He and his family were met at the door, and within minutes he was receiving care for his injury. Recalling his six-day hospital stay, Ethan said that everyone from the nurses to the housekeeping staff to his doctor, Robert Sheridan, M.D., was fantastic. Patrick shares, “It’s amazing. Every time we come back for follow-up appointments, they know us. They know all about our family. It’s like home.”

With Ethan brimming with gratitude for the care he received, he was thrilled when his football coach recommended him for his athleticism and citizenship to participate in the 29th annual Maine Shrine Lobster Bowl Classic. This high school senior all-star football game is sponsored by the Kora Shriners and 100 percent of the net proceeds benefit Shriners Hospitals for Children. Ethan himself has already raised over $2,700 for the event. On July 21 Ethan will take the field to compete. He remarks, “I am greatly honored by this selection and to be given the opportunity to once again put on my football uniform and represent myself, my community and more importantly, the Shriners [Hospitals] patients from whom I have learned so much.”

After the game, Ethan will enjoy some well-deserved downtime back at home with his family. His father Patrick is the chief deputy of the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office, mother Katrina is a superintendent of schools for Hancock and Lamoine Counties, and sister Ellie will be starting high school next year. But chances are, Ethan will soon be back at his passions, captaining his boat, honing his welding skills and now, serving as a true ambassador for Shriners Hospitals for Children — Boston.