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Ear deformitites

Ear deformitites

Protruding ears

Protruding ears is a condition in which the folds of the ear cartilage have not developed normally. This causes the ear to stick out from the side of the head. This can be an embarrassing feature and cause emotional distress to the developing child.

Protruding ears before and after

Lop ear 

Congenital lop ear is when a protrusion occurs at the top portion of the ear. This can cause the cartilage to flop over, giving a bent or drooping appearance.

Lop earLop ear



Atresia is a complete absence of the external ear canal, which is almost always accompanied by abnormalities of the middle ear bones, as well as the external ear.

Atresia examples

Traumatic ear deformity

Traumatic ear deformities may occur due to dog bites, car accidents, etc.

Surgical ear reconstruction can be done in most cases of traumatic ear injury.