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Research and education is an integral part of Shriners Hospitals for Children — Erie. Our mission is to conduct research to best understand the complexities of the children we serve and implement evidence-based treatment strategies that make a difference.

Shriners Hospitals for Children — Erie’s state-of-the-art motion analysis center provides for study of motion strategies across a broad spectrum of diagnoses, from children with cerebral palsy to adolescents with sports injuries. Collaborating with local universities and regional health care centers provides for a team approach to research that may not otherwise be available in a small outpatient center.

Remaining active in conference presentations provides Shriners Hospitals for Children — Erie the opportunity to engage much larger research institutions, thereby remaining cutting edge in our techniques and program development. Including research and education as a part of our mission distinguishes Shriners Hospitals for Children — Erie from standard ambulatory medical models across the nation.

Recently published collaborative research papers include:

  • Multisegment Foot Kinematic and Kinetic Compensations in Level and Uphill Walking Following Tibiotalar Arthrodesis. Bruening DA, Cooney TE, Ray MS, Daut GA, Cooney KM, Galey SM. Foot & Ankle International, 37(10), 1119-1129, 2016.
  • Cervical Spine Motion during Football Equipment Removal Protocols: A Challenge to the All-or-Nothing Endeavor. Jacobson B, Cendoma M, Gdovin J, Cooney KM, Bruening DA. Journal of Athletic Training, 49(1), 42-48, 2014.
  • Comparison of hierarchical and six degrees-of-freedom marker sets in analyzing gait kinematics. Schmitz A, Buczek FL, Bruening D, Rainbow MJ, Cooney KM, Thelen D. Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering, 199-207, March 2015.