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Appointments and admissions

Appointments and admissions

Research has supported the fact that the earlier a child is referred to our health care system, the more positive and significant the long-term outcome is for that child.

First-time patients

New patients, please contact our intake/referral coordinator to schedule an appointment. Our staff will ask some questions to see if your child has a condition that can be treated at Twin Cities Shriners Healthcare.

Schedule, reschedule or cancel a first-time appointment: 612-596-6105 or email.

Outpatient clinic patients

To schedule, reschedule or cancel a clinic appointment, call 612-596-6106.

Surgery patients

All surgeries will take place through an outside facility such as Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare, University of Minnesota or Mayo Clinic. If you have questions about your scheduled surgery, please call 612-596-6131.