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Patient and Family Advisory Council

Patient and Family Advisory Council

Mission statement

The Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) at Shriners Healthcare for Children — Twin Cities is committed to serving the children in our communities by fully integrating the family perspective into clinic operations. 

We do this by:

  • Ensuring providers and families work in partnership to generate or redefine policies, programs and clinical care in the best interest of the patient and family
  • Including parents on strategic committees, patient safety efforts and change initiatives
  • Building and promoting family-centered care in collaboration with our multidisciplinary team
  • Ensuring families have a strong voice regarding the care delivered to their children


The goals of the PFAC are to:

  • Provide a vital link between Shriners Healthcare for Children — Twin Cities and the community
  • Provide supportive channels of communication between families and clinic staff
  • Provide input and feedback on delivery of services for patients and their families
  • Review issues referred to the PFAC and provide recommendations
  • Monitor, evaluate and address needs and issues of multicultural families
  • Provide input regarding new and existing program development
  • Promote an environment offering excellent and safe health care through collaboration of families and staff

Benefits of serving on the PFAC

How do patients and families benefit?

  • They gain a better understanding of the health care system
  • They appreciate being listened to and having their opinions valued
  • They become advocates for the patients and for family-centered health care
  • They understand how to become an active participant in their own or their child’s health care
  • They develop relationships with other members on the council
  • They have an opportunity to learn new skills (facilitating groups, listening skills, telling their personal stories)

How does Shriners Healthcare for Children — Twin Cities benefit?

  • We have an effective mechanism for receiving and responding to consumer input
  • Our planning processes are more efficient and we can more readily ensure that our programs, services and policies meet consumer desires, needs and priorities
  • There is an increased understanding and cooperation between patients, families and staff
  • The council is a platform for promoting respectful, effective partnerships between patients, families and clinicians
  • Interactions support our culture of patient-centered care
  • Our community relations are strengthened
  • Collaboration with providers through patient-centered care leads to better self-management of chronic conditions and improved adherence to medication regimens

If you are interested in joining the PFAC and receiving a membership application, or have additional questions, please contact Sara Zimmerman, social worker, via email or phone 612-596-6126.