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Meet the designer behind our new hospital tie and scarf

Amanda is our newest tie and scarf contest winner at Shriners Hospitals for Children — Philadelphia

Meet the designer behind our new hospital tie and scarf

Earlier this year, the Philadelphia Shriners Hospital hosted an art contest encouraging patients to create designs for a new hospital tie and scarf.

To celebrate the hospital’s 85th anniversary in 2011, 11-year-old Christa created our first patient-designed tie. In 2016, 11-year-old Anthony created the design for our second tie to help celebrate the hospital’s 90th anniversary.

Our ties are popular with the Shriners, especially board members and administrators. The scarves are a perfect accessory for our women’s groups. Eager for a new design, the hospital announced a third contest in the spring.

After receiving many creative submissions, staff selected 11-year-old Amanda’s design as the winner. We sent her artwork to a designer who transformed the art into a necktie and scarf.

Amanda’s artwork features Fezzy, doctors, nurses, patients and plenty of smiley faces along with the phrase “love my Shriners family.” Amanda said she felt inspired by her experience at last year’s Walk for LOVE™, where she met Fezzy in person.

“I kept thinking of all the smiley faces because of how friendly everyone is here,” said Amanda. “And I really do love my Shriners family!”

Hospital staff surprised Amanda with her winning design at a recent appointment. Chief of Staff Scott Kozin, M.D., and other staff members wore Amanda’s tie and scarf into her exam room and she recognized the artwork right away.

“Hey! That’s my tie,” she exclaimed.

Amanda has been a patient of the hospital for nearly 10 years. When she was a toddler, she slipped and hyperextended one of her fingers. Dr. Kozin repaired the tendons on her right index finger in 2008. Amanda returns to the hospital annually for checkups and recently had another surgery to repair scar tissue that was causing her pain.

She is looking forward to starting sixth grade this coming fall and joining her school’s softball and basketball teams.

Both ties and scarves are available to purchase for $25 each, and are sold in the hospital.

Congratulations Amanda!

Amanda's original artwork, tie and scarf