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Specialty care helps Jace lead a full and active life

Specialty care helps Jace lead a full and active life

Jace became a patient at the Portland Shriners Hospital when he was only 8 weeks old after he was diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia two weeks after his birth. After Jace’s parents explored medical treatment options with two other local providers, they ultimately chose Shriners Hospitals for Children — Portland to ensure that Jace would receive care from a pediatric orthopaedic specialist, which was imperative for his mother, Shannon. “The fact that the Portland Shriners Hospital specializes in pediatrics made a huge difference in our experience,” said Shannon.

Soon Jace began receiving care from Dennis Roy, M.D., pediatric orthopaedic surgeon at the Portland Shriners Hospital, where he underwent closed reductions with spica casting and rhino bracing, followed by bi-yearly check-ups. Without treatment, Jace’s bilateral hip dysplasia would have hindered his movement, including his ability to walk and run, which would have been accompanied by consistent hip pain. Shannon felt extremely at ease after meeting Jace’s physician. “Dr. Roy was a compassionate, thorough, and skilled provider who used his many years of expertise to help Jace have the best outcome possible for his hip dysplasia,” said Shannon.

After undergoing bracing, Jace began walking at 14 months old and has been on the move ever since! “He loves sports – basketball, football, baseball and soccer! It’s more important to say that because of his treatment, there has been nothing stopping him from being active and involved in the sports that he loves,” said Shannon.

Jace shares his mother’s sentiment and continues to be very grateful for the care he has received. “The Portland Shriners Hospital helped my hips so much,” said Jace. “I can play sports a lot now and run a lot. They are very skilled and reliable!”

Baby Jace in hospital